Show This Week

November 27, 2021

1457.) The latest episode on the career of the great, underseen-in-the-U.S., French filmmaker Bertrand Blier focuses on his 2000 film ACTORS. The film returns to Blier’s earlier full-throttle absurdist mode, as a group of noted French actors wander through various scenes, wondering why their requests are unanswered, why their careers are stalling, and most importantly, who is directing this film they’re in? The film had no distribution in America, but contains a great assemblage of French stars, with Belmondo, Delon, Piccoli, Depardieu, Brialy, and Lonsdale (among many others) putting in appearances – some of which are quite silly, while others are quite poignant. Staying in an emotional mode, the film ends with a very subtle, sweet tribute to Blier’s father, the beloved character actor Bernard Blier.