Show This Week

September 16, 2017

1243.) A trip to the Consumer Guide department, focusing on three works from the Sixties (which, as any good historian knows, really didn’t end until ’74-’75). First up is the Peckinpah masterwork Straw Dogs (1971), which remains controversial due to its high level of violence, a disturbing rape sequence, and Sam’s trademark quick edits. Next is The Pied Piper (1972), Jacques Demy’s grim, occasionally haunting retelling of the fairy tale with a great British cast working in German locations, and non-actor Donovan doing a good job in the title role. I close out with the new release of the first “season” (it was really half a season) of Laugh-In. The collection includes the first appearances of many of the characters and taglines that the show became famous for, as well as an impressive roster of guests for the blackouts and sketches. Also: the network TV debut of Tiny Tim!