Show This Week

July 14, 2018

1284.) As I turn “another year older and deeper in debt,” I discuss and show scenes from a film that I don’t think is very good, but I saw it at the right time (its initial release) in the right place (Paris) and have always had an infatuation for the lead actress in this, her latter-day “flapper” look. L’amour braque (1985) is an Eighties crime movie variation on Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot, with plenty of random insane violence (guns, bombs, fire, stabbing, etc) and way too much intentionally odd melodrama. The film was directed by the master of melo-excess, Andrzej Zulawski, and remains watchable primarily for its female lead, Sophie Marceau, who graduated to “adult drama” with this deranged, high-key film. Marceau has become a better actress over the years, but her college-age appearance in this film is lovingly modeled after Louise Brooks and other 1920s stars. Zulawski was so smitten the two were married after the picture was made and they made three more films together (two of which I’ve seen, and are even more difficult to digest). Sophie is indeed the central reason to watch Braque – her and the random, weird violence amidst the goofy dialogue.