Show This Week

February 16, 2018

1315.) I say a final farewell to Bernardo Bertolucci with the fifth and last of my tributes to his work. In this case I discuss, and give the American TV premiere to, scenes from his last film, You and Me (2012). Based on a young adult novel, it is a film that encompasses themes from his earlier pictures and has imagery and plot developments that seem derived from a film that clearly influenced his work, Les Enfants Terribles, written by Cocteau and directed by Melville. A teenage boy decides to avoid going on a school ski trip and instead inhabits a storage area in the basement of the apartment building his family lives in – finally alone with his imagination and his devices, pets (an ant farm), and books, until his junkie step-sister invades his secret hideaway. The film is a well-made character study that avoids the sentimentality found in so many films for teens and ended Bertolucci’s career on a very positive and (thankfully) small-in-scale note. One of its bonuses: a touching scene set to the rare single “Regazzo Solo, Regazza Sola” (Lonely Boy, Lonely Girl), the unusual Italian rewrite of “Space Oddity” (having nothing to do with space travel or Major Tom), sung by Bowie himself.