Show This Week

September 12, 2020

1396.) Finally, in the “Too good for BBC-America” department, I’m able to pay tribute to the incredible talent of England’s finest monologist, Daniel Kitson. Kitson is a comedian and does do the occasional standup gig (where he’s quite fast with “crowd work”), but his supreme talent is for one-man shows in which he recounts stories about relationships, loneliness, memory (and its failure), and the importance of objects in our life. He’s a kinetic performer who is at once OCD in the ritualization of his theater pieces and also has a lightning-quick brain (as well as a stutter), so his live performances are the real deal – as he can’t help but be distracted from his monologue by audience activity. Therefore, seeing him on video is not as exciting as seeing him live, but the Funhouse is a TV show, so… there you go.