Show This Week

August 3, 2019

1339.) The first in another series of episodes about a filmmaker whose body of work is *so* consistent that it’s a joy to watch their works in succession. Vera Chytilova is the focus of this series, and I start off with a discussion of, and scenes from, the two other films she wrote with costumer-scripter Ester Krumbachová (the one film fans know and love is the 1966 cult classic Daisies, which was shown on the Funhouse in late ’95 and is now readily available on disc). The first film was one that the two cowrote and which came right before Chytilova was effectively (covertly) banned from working for seven years as a filmmaker in Czechoslovakia – Krumbachová was banned for two decades. Fruit of Paradise (1970) is a version of the Garden of Eden story that features glorious animation and step-printing effects, as well as elements from other fictional tales (including “Alice in Wonderland”). The second film is the only reunion of the co-scripters, The Very Late Afternoon of a Faun (1983). Intended as a comedy mocking older men fancying young women, the film is also in the mode of Chytilova’s post-comeback sex comedies (which made an appeal to male viewers with sexy sequences spotlighting the charms of the actresses) and features gorgeous images of foliage, harkening back to the montages found in “Daisies” and “Fruit of Paradise.”