Show This Week

June 15, 2019

1332.) To celebrate mine birthday, I always dig up something that you can potentially see somewhere else (the majority of Funhouse offerings being pretty damned rare items for U.S. television). This time out, as I turn “one year older and deeper in debt,” I salute again the wonder that is “Massacre Mafia Style,” Duke Mitchell’s crime opus. The film was restored beautifully for a Blu-ray/DVD package a few years ago (after having only been available on VHS as “The Executioner”) and even played two or three times on TCM, but then was mysteriously pulled from circulation on disc (as was its successor in weirdness, but more on that in a future show). Thus, this week I’ll be showing scenes from “MMS” and also giving you a glimpse at one supplement, a doc which offers a rather candid (and at times damning) view of Mitchell, who was known as “Mr. Palm Springs” and made his bones primarily as a nightclub entertainer in that city. So, join me for simulated violence, jaunty Italian-American songs, and protracted speeches about the position of the Italian mobster in American society, courtesy of the auteur who had previously met a Brooklyn gorilla.