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July 24, 2021
1440.) Part 2 of my tribute to French master-absurdist Bertrand Blier highlights his lost-in-the-U.S. film Calmos (1976, aka “Femmes Fatales”). A thoroughly bizarre view of a literal “war between the sexes,” the film chronicles the efforts of a gynecologist and a pimp to escape the constant sexual demands of women. They flee to the countryside, wind up in an actual war with the forces of femininity, and end up having to “serve” womankind (and it gets even weirder from there). The film can be viewed simply as a sexist fantasy but, as elsewhere in Blier’s films, the two lead characters here are depicted as morons and chronic complainers, and thus, the film itself is a takedown of both genders with the emphasis being on the ridiculous lengths married men will go to in order to escape the Missus.