Show This Week

August 13, 2022

1494.) Continuing the series of episodes based on the “Forgotten Filmmakers of the French New Wave” film festival, this time I spotlight Jean-Pierre Mocky, a very prolific director whose many works were barely seen in the U.S. His second film as a writer-director, Un Couple (1960), overlaps with the concerns of the French New Wave, as he shows us a marriage falling apart. The couple in this case is young, and was madly in love and very sexually active. Mocky and his co-scripter Raymond Queneau (who wrote Zazie Dans Le Metro) pick up the relationship as the sex has been leaving and the love is about to go. The latter is due to individuals coming on to both the husband or the wife, and the couple wearying of each other. The oddest, but welcome, aspect of the picture, are some broadly comic moments featuring the characters that surround the husband and wife. These on occasion clash with the very serious central story, but also serve to sketch the couple’s environment.