Show This Week

September 18, 2021

1448.) The third of my episodes devoted to the TV specials of Ann-Margret shows off her early Seventies Las Vegas act, as recorded for the 1973 special “Ann-Margret: When You’re Smiling.” By this point, her specials were getting more “normal,” but her act in general still had the schizophrenic “old show biz/new show biz” aspect that has made her career as a whole so fascinating. “Smiling” contains classic ballads and an all-out rockin’ dance number (set to a major pop hit and… Mongo Santamaria?). Plus: an opening love/murder song and an inexplicable specialty number about Lapland – not forgetting guests George Burns and Bob (stare right at the cue cards in all circumstances) Hope. ’73 was during the “recovering from the Sixties” period and a lot of television still had old/new juxtaposition, so why should A-M’s act have been any different?