Show This Week

November 2, 2019

1352.) [This show reshown to commemorate the death of Marshall Efron.]
Vintage: In my continuing “stuff you ain’t seein’ anyplace else” department, I present Robert Downey Sr.’s missing absurdist comedy Pound. The 1970 film functions as a play – for the show I’ve eliminated a weird subplot about a murderer called “the Honky Killer” – set in a dog pound. The inhabitants are a mix of breeds, played by human actors, who know they’re going to be exterminated fairly soon. The film’s greatest virtue is its ensemble of character actors, with faces you know from various TV shows of the Seventies (bigger names include Antonio Fargas, Don Calfa, and Marshall Efron). It’s dark, it’s wonderfully ridiculous, and it contains a nasty theme song I never tire of, in which a female singer insults the listener in quite colorful ways.