Show This Week

Feb. 27, 2020

1419.) The second and last episode devoted to the underseen and cult-worthy The Wedding Ring (1970), intended as a Deceased Artiste tribute to the late, great screenwriter Jean-Claude Carriere. Here Carriere had one of his rare starring roles (and scripted, based on his novel) as a mysterious veterinarian who consults a matchmaker to get a wife (preferably, one with a very big apartment to handle his studies of animals and insects). Anna Karina costars as his equally mysterious partner, a woman who suspects she might end up the victim of Carriere or one of his animal charges; he, in turn, believes that she is trying to kill him. And all the while, another subplot is developing, which provides the film’s extremely trippy ending. The Funhouse is glad once again to present the U.S.TV premiere of scenes from an obscure gem from the mind of the very prolific and very talented Carriere.