Show This Week

April 30, 2022

1479.) Returning to the “stuff you ain’t seein’ anyplace else” dept, this week I present a discussion of, and clips from, Claude Miller’s feature debut The Best Way to Walk (1976). This episode is the first in a series of shows devoted to the work of the great French actor Patrick Dewaere, who committed suicide at the age of 35 in 1982. Best Way was the breakthrough role for Dewaere, who two years before had scored success as part of a comedy team with Depardieu in Blier’s Going Places. Best Way is a more serious film about summer camp counselors in 1960 – when Dewaere’s character stumbles onto another counselor’s secret (he likes to dress in women’s clothes), he torments the other counselor in various ways. The result is a twisted relationship between the two that reaches a boiling point in a great costume party sequence at the film’s end. Dewaere delivers a fascinating performance in the film – his character is an asshole bully who is compulsively watchable. Meaning that Best Way started a six-year run of starring parts for Dewaere that lasted until his untimely death.

May 7, 2022

1480.) Glauber Rocha’s The Lion Has Seven Heads.