My latest DVD reviews (spanning 2010 to 2021) can be found on the Disc Dish site at this link.


The following articles appeared in the weekly newspaper The Public:

Interview with filmmaker Roy Andersson (Sept. 9, 2015)

Listen to Me, Marlon review (Aug. 26, 2015)


The following articles appeared in the weekly newspaper ArtVoice:

A “101” about the early films of Alain Robbe-Grillet (Sept. 11, 2014)

To the Wonder review (May 9, 2013)


The following  reviews appeared on the website Disc Dish:

That Cold Day in the Park (March 4, 2013)

Trust (January 31, 2013)

Pasolini’s Trilogy of Life (November 21, 2012)

End of the Road (September 24, 2012)

Le Havre (August 15, 2012)

Too Late Blues (May 25, 2012)

Histoire(s) du Cinema (December 6, 2011)

The Office Collection Special Edition (November 4, 2011)

The Ernie Kovacs Collection (August 10, 2011)

Skidoo (July 20, 2011)

Antichrist (November 23, 2010)

Wild Grass (November 4, 2010)

It Came From Kuchar (July 8, 2010)

Bigger Than Life (March 29, 2010)


The following articles appeared in the pages of Video Business magazine and on videobusiness.com:

Farewell, Mondo Kim’s (December 2008)

Gay cinema article

Edgar Wright interview

Who’s Next (Torchwood)

Lumberjacks and spam not included: the Pythons reunite in NYC


The following article appeared in the weekly newspaper ArtVoice:

La Vie en Rosa: Film director Rosa von Praunheim (July 8, 2009)


The following quartet of articles profiling four of the most imaginative and artistic (really!) adult filmmakers were published in the mid-2000s; three of the series include exclusive quotes from the filmmakers:

Joe Sarno, Tamer of “Wildcats”

These Boots Are Made for Lickin’: The Kinky World of Nick Philips

Radley Metzger: the Art of Porn

“I Know You’re Watching Me”: The Bizarre Visions of “Rinse Dream”


The following reviews appeared in the pages of Video Business magazine and on videobusiness.com:

A Prairie Home Companion

Little Miss Sunshine

Memoirs of a Geisha

3 Films by Louis Malle: Murmur of the Heart; Lacombe, Lucien; Au Revoir Les Enfants

New York Doll

A History of Violence


Dog Day Afternoon: Special Edition

Three Extremes

The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till

The Best of the Electric Company

Lust for Life

Field Diary/Arena of Murder

Sam Peckinpah’s Legendary Westerns Collection

Chicago: The Razzle-Dazzle Edition

Frank Miller’s Sin City: Recut and Extended Edition



The Manchurian Candidate

Along Came Polly

The Marx Brothers Collection

Chaplin Collection, Volume 2


The following reviews appeared on time.com:

The Other Kurosawa

Provocation and “Preversion,” Southern Style

The Heyday and Dark Nights of Radio Legend Jean Shepherd

Elegy for a One-Woman Girl Group

The Mrs. Mottola Nobody Knows (Thalia!)

The Strange Passions of Luis Bunuel,  Devout Atheist

Astro Zombies, Doll Squads, and Corpse Grinders: The Wild World of Ted V. Mikels

Art on a Budget: Joseph H. Lewis


The following article appeared in “Otis Goes Hollywood,” published by Dark Horse Comics:

Media Funhouse Favorites, Part One

Media Funhouse Favorites, Part Two