First Year

Early episodes — show still in development

3.)Self-published books/Double Agent 73

10.)Self-published books/Hollywood Zap

11.)The Love Toy (Doris Wishman)/Fellini/Vincent Price obit segments (“Deceased Artiste” segment initiated)

12.)Christmas-“psycho Santas” (scenes include Aces Go Places 3, “Pee-Wee’s Christmas Special,” Silent Night Deadly Night 1 &2, Christmas Evil, Tales from the Crypt, the Monkees Xmas show)

13.)Frank Zappa “Deceased Artiste”

15.)Blood Harvest (Tiny Tim)/Entangled (unintentionally hilarious straight-to-video with Judd Nelson)

16.)straight-to-video clips

17.)Nilsson “Deceased Artiste”/Ed and his Dead Mother

18.)She-Devils on Wheels, Strike A Pose (straight-to-video trash), Thrust (local girl band, viewers on the show, on “midnight blue”)

19.)Janet Margolin/Telly Savalas “Deceased Artiste”/Gruesome Twosome/3 fave scenes

20.)Shriek of the Mutilated/Just for the Hell of It

21)Dinosaur Island, Ann-Margret (Tommy and The Swinger-latter is terrific)

22.)Full opening montage/assorted footage including scopitone of Buddy Greco doing “The Lady is a Tramp”

23.)Linda Blair trib 1: Roller Boogie, etc.

24.)John Candy “Deceased Artiste”/Runaway Nightmare

25.)Linda Blair trib 2: Savage Streets, etc.

26.)”Alexander the Great” (TV special, historical drama with William Shatner, Adam West, John Cassavetes, and Joseph Cotton!); David Lynch-“The Grandmother,” “Alphabet”

27.)Complaint dept. (my tirade); John Ankerberg (televangelist)-Satanic messages in rock

28.)Guilietta Masina “Deceased Artiste”/Evils of the Night (cross-genre exploitation mixes sci-fi, teenage makeout comedy, and horror. Stars Aldo Ray, Neville Brand, Tina Louise, Julie Newmar, and John Carradine, and music by “the Big Ragu!”!)

29.)Spider Baby

30.)Ray Dennis Steckler 1: Incredibly Strange Creatures….

31.)John Waters tribute (Serial Mom opening): Kathleen Turner drunk on “Nightline”; Traci’s past (hey, she’s clothed, OK?); Desperate Living

32.)Ray Dennis Steckler 2: Rat Pfink a Boo Boo

33.)Hellhole (women’s insane-asylum exploitation with Judy Landers, Mary Woronov, Ray Sharkey, and Marjoe Gortner)

34.)Ray Dennis Steckler 3: Hollywood Strangler meets the Skidrow Strangler, Las Vegas amateur models (godawful audition tapes of young actresses marketed by Steckler)

35.)”Hell” episode-hellishly good clips (Bait opening, Rock and Roll Circus workprint, “How to Get Revenge with Linda Blair” instructional video) show with nightmarish entertainment (Anthony Michael Hall sings, as does Marvin Hamlisch, and John Ankerberg’s still revealing the Satanism inherent in today’s rock scene)

36.)Law or Justice? (Hong Kong action drama that combines the plots of The Accused and Lipstick; very weird)

37.)Tim Carey “Deceased Artiste”; The World’s Greatest Sinner 38.)My birthday: familiar clips from Taxi Driver , etc.; music clips from Canadian musical acts Barenaked Ladies and Mitsou (great b&w music-vid. “Dites-moi,” sexier than anything Madonna’s done); Barnes and Barnes

39.)’70s tribute: the Carpenters, “Angie Baby” (with Patty Hearst footage), Paul Lynde, etc.

40.)Necromania (Ed Wood)/Son of Dracula (Harry Nilsson/Ringo) 41.)tribute to the unheralded B-movie actress/director Rene Harmon: Lady Streetfighter (wild ’70s exploitation with the German-accented Harmon as a kick-ass female spy)

42.)Anna Magnani/Giulietta Masina women-in-prison film (Nella Cita Del Infierno), “Hollywood Babylon” (the unbelievably campy -but unintentionally so– TV show), Beyond the Doors (Larry Buchanan’s conspiracy rock flick with Jimi, Janis, and Jim Morrison played (and sung) by awful lookalikes)

43.)Jean-Luc Godard: influence on Scorsese and Hal Hartley

44.)Tura Satana: “The Girl from UNCLE”, The Doll Squad

45.)Isabelle Adjani TV special (Adjani sings in French amidst weird backdrops); Ted V. Mikels tribute

46.)A night to dismember (Doris Wishman gore flick)

47.)Dennis Potter “Deceased Artiste”

48.)Judd Nelson straight-to-vid. (Every Breath); Fantastic four trailer

49.)Jerry Lewis tribute (includes telethon, and footage from obscure French TV documentary)

50.)Censorship in the UK: discussion with scripter/film critic David McGillivray, plus clips of offending scenes

51.)Censorship, part. 2

52.)First anniversary show (sampler of clips show in first year)