Second Year

53.)The Thrill Killers (Ray Dennis Steckler)

54.)Russ Meyer tribute 1

55.)Ed Wood tribute 1 (includes Love Feast, etc.)

56.)Lars Von Trier tribute

57.)Halloween: assorted clips

58.)Chow Yun-Fat tribute (includes clips from several films from different genre: comedy, drama, gangster, and even Chow’s only on-screen music-video!)

59.)Russ Meyer tribute 2

60.)Michael O’Donoghue “Deceased Artiste”

61.)Godzilla tribute (clips from several films, chronological)

62.)The Naked Killer (Hong Kong lesbian hitwoman crime thriller)

63.)Godzilla tribute 2

65.)self-published books/Concorde straight to vids.

67.)interview with “Demon Knight” scripters (friends of friends)/”Coffee and Cigarettes”(Jarmusch short with Benigni and Steven Wright)/Story of Ricky (HK)

68.)Tsui Hark: Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind; Green Snake

69.)House of Whipcord (plus interview with scripter David McGillivray); Peter Cook “Deceased Artiste”

70.)Buster Keaton/Jackie Chan comparison (with numerous clips from Keaton/Chan films and documentaries about each)

71.)more straight-to-vid./Chafed Elbows/”The Donut Hole” (brain-damaged home-video Christian production with small-children and a donut puppet that speaks about filling its hole)/rare Jerry Lewis concert footage

72.)Lisa and the Devil/Rene Harmon 2: more Lady Streetfighter, The Executioner 2

73.)Phillip Yordan: from a classic (Johnny Guitar) to a cheesy horror flick (Night Train to Terror)

74.)”The Sound is Now” (’68 show hosted by Murray the K, guests Sonny Bono and Phil Ochs perform and debate with “establishment” representatives. Trippy Sonny and Cher performance vids. and great acoustic Ochs performances)

75.)Hong Kong film discussion with two fan/experts; tribute to Stephen Chow (HK comic superstar)

76.)HK film discussion 2

77.)Bertrand Blier: Going Places, Merci La Vie

78.)Jennifer Jason-Leigh tribute (career retro with clips from approx. ten movies and TV appearances)

79.)Mink Stole in straight-to-vid schlock/Mrs. Parker/Arizona Dreams/more Jackie/Buster

80.)Kenny Everett “Deceased Artiste”/Tough Guys Don’t Dance

81.)Easter: more anti-rock Christian footage, plus more “Donut Hole,” and a Christian live-action kiddie show featuring a pirate captain searching the sea for sinners

82.)Ed Wood vids./Caro Diario/Abba vid.

84.)Farewell to Queens (show’s setting changes)/Cinderella 2000 (mind-altering musical sex comedy from Al Adamson)

87.)Welcome, NYC (first show in new apt.)/”Deceased Artiste” roundup/trash TV

88.)”Days of Our Lives” exorcism plot (very bizarre for a daytime plot)/Maniac (’30s roadhouse horror film)/Private Obsession (straight-to-vid. sleaze)

89.)’70s tribute 2: “Lidsville,” the Carpenters, Can’t Stop the Music, etc.

90.)Elisha Cook “Deceased Artiste”/Fade to Black/The Magic Christian

91.)”Closet Case” show for gay-pride day: movie clips chosen with guest, NYC access producer Rick X. Gay subtext in macho action, an MGM musical, misogynist slasher, and straight-to-video erotic thriller

92.)In a Year of 13 Moons (Fassbinder salutes Dean and Jerry-very weird)/Killing of Satan (Philippine fantasy horror)/Sex and Zen (gonzo Hong Kong sex comedy)

93.)Indian musicals (select clips) and self-published Indian joke book

94.)Wolfman Jack “Deceased Artiste”/more “Days of Our Lives” devil-possession/”2000 Malibu Road” (trashy nighttime soap with Drew Barrymore)

95.)Seijun Suzuki (Branded to Kill)

96.)Scream for Help (overwrought Michael Winner thriller)

97.)Woody Allen/Mia Farrow TV movie (truly over-the-top, includes amazing Sinatra/Satan cut) and Woody on French interview show

98.)Ida Lupino “Deceased Artiste” (includes clips from Lupino’s work as actress and director)

99.)sampler from local Hong Kong film festival

100.)guest, cartoonist Bob Fingerman, selects scary footage from “Donut Hole,” and insane German action-revenge drama The Mad Foxes

101.)Jerry Lewis tribute 2

102.)Al Adamson “Deceased Artiste”

103.)Daisies (Czech late ’60s experimental feature with two freewheeling chick deceiving rich men and cutting up pictures of phallic symbols)

104.)Second Anniversary show (sampler of clips from second year)