Third Year

105.)Al Adamson 2: Dracula vs. Frankenstein

106.)Blue in the Face review, plus other footage

107.)Simian theme show: the Monkees, Battle for the Planet of the Apes, “Lancelot Link,” Bye Bye Monkey, etc.

108.)Showgirls review and salute to other straight-to-vids concerning strippers

109.)Halloween 2: Boris Karloff mexican film

110.)Jackie Chan, (amazing Thunderbolt fight scene)/the first episode of “The Dean Martin Show”

111.)Tom Waits tribute (performance clips, movie scenes, and soundtrack work)

112.)Thanksgiving: Blood Freak, William Burroughs’ “Thanksgiving Prayer,” interview with NYC columnist The Phantom of the Movies, and an embarassing (but priceless) incident from the ’86 Thanksgiving Day Parade

113.)Leos Carax tribute (young French wunderkind director): Bad Blood, Les Amants du Pont-Neuf

114.)Georgia review/Scopitones (French and American musical acts in campy publicity films for music-jukeboxes of the early ’60s)/vintage TV ads

115.)Psychedelic movie survey: clips chosen by cohost, zine editor Steve Puchalski

116.)Psychedelic 2

118.)New Years/Dean Martin “Deceased Artiste”

119.)Terry Southern “Deceased Artiste” (movie clips, Southern seen in Cocksucker Blues, reading of his work by both your humble narrator and Southern himself)

120.)La Jetee (in its entirety)

121.)Derek and Clive Get the Horn (vintage performance film featuring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, at their most creative, and under the influence of various stimulants)

122.)David F. Friedman interview (with clips from Friedman’s productions)

123.)Johnny Legend interview (with clips)

124.)Crumb review (with related clips from Comic Book Confidential, Fritz the Cat, and a glimpse at a woman I believe popped straight out of Crumb’s comix into the real world-muscular wrestler Reggie Bennett)

125.)Rumble in the Bronx review and trailer/Martin Balsam “Deceased Artiste”/A Smell of Honey, a Swallow of Brine (David F. Friedman production, great tease dialogue and action)

126.)Wong Kar-Wai interview (with clips from his films)

127.)Wong Kar-Wai tribute

128.)Truman Capote documentary directed by the Maysles Bros. for public television after the publication of In Cold Blood

129.)From the Journals of Jean Seberg review/Vince Edwards “Deceased Artiste”

130.)Rudy Ray Moore interview (with clips)

131.)”Deceased artiste”/Tigrero review/Women from down under review

132.)Easter-more Christian craziness, with Jack Chick comics, Christian commercial artifacts and newer editions of the “Donut Hole” series of atrocities

133.)The Wicked Woman (impeccably kitschy ’50s melodrama with Beverly Michaels as a waitress who’s after her boss)

134.)Andy Warhol tribute: scenes from Kiss and Blowjob, SCUM Manifesto reading (with women-victorious footage), and Andy’s appearance on “The Love Boat”

135.)Chow Yun-Fat tribute 2 (done in conjunction with local retro.)

136.)Roger Corman interview (with clips)

137.)phone interview with Gena Rowlands and Seymour Cassell (with Cassavetes film clips throughout for visuals)

139.)Guy Maddin tribute

141.)IP5 (Yves Montand’s last film, not a winner)/Spirits of the Dead review

142.)my birthday-a return to sleaze-Delinquent Schoolgirls

(comedy about escaped cons infiltrating private girls’ school. Truly offensive in that ’70s drive-in way)

143.)Dennis Potter: The Last Interview and Lipstick on Your Collar

144.)Forrest J. Ackerman interview (with film footage of Ackerman’s horror idols and his appearances in B-movies

145.)Margaux Hemingway “Deceased Artiste”/Myra Breckenridge

146.)Dolores Fuller interview (with Ed Wood and Elvis clips), plus In the Realm of the Senses and Women from Down Under clips (local retro)

147.)Hugo Haas tribute 1 (’50s melodrama/noir director who made several variants on The Blue Angel plotline)

148.)Hugo Haas 2

149.)”Steambath” (PBS presentation of Bruce Jay Friedman play from the ’70s)/Herbert Edelman “Deceased Artiste”

150.)self-published books/instructional and specialty video tapes

151.)Kansas City review/Shopping trailer/Hong Kong festival (local retro)

152.)Jack Hill interview (with clips)

153.)Jerry Lewis tribute, cohosted and clips chosen by artist Stephen Kroninger

155.)Chain of influences: from Robert Wise (Odds Against Tomorrow) to Jean-Pierre Melville (Le Samourai-most clips on the show come from this film) to John Woo (The Killer) and finally that Tarantino guy (Reservoir Dogs)

156.)Ted V. Mikels interview (with clips)