Fourth Year

158.)Third anniversary show (sampler of clips from third year)

159.)Review show: Trees Lounge, Fassbinder on video, Original Gangstas. Also: Rock and Roll Circus, Dean Martin’s only music-video (“Since I Met You Baby”)

160.)Tura Satana clips (with clips of Tura in her exploitation mode, and also in “Irma La Douce,” “In Like Flint,” and “The Girl from UNCLE”)/Ted V. Mikels interview 2

161.)Halloween: Alice Cooper clips, The Pit (sublimely bad horror, with horny young boy feeding his enemies to underground monsters), Let Me Die a Woman (hey, it’s scary), and Tim Burton’s “Vincent”

162.)The Executioner (wonderfully overwrought gangster drama from Duke Mitchell of Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla fame), plus clips of Buddy Greco and Wayne Newton

163.)Jean-Pierre Melville tribute

164.)”Doing Rude Things,” a BBC documentary on the history of the British sex film (’50s-’70s), based on the book by David McGillivray. Unseen in the U.S., except for us)

165.)Thanksgiving show: instructional video, “Turkey Hunting with the Legends” and MGM 1968 short “Rowan and Martin go to the Movies” (with pointless guest star appearances, a promo for Vietnam-era U.S. savings bonds)

166.) Marco Ferreri interview (with clips)

167.) “Doing Rude Things” Part 2

168.) Tiny Tim “Deceased Artiste” tribute (includes TV appearances, film work in “You Are What You Eat” and “Blood Harvest”

169.) Christmas: Wally Cox standup bit (not Xmas related-audio), British invasion Xmas parodies, American Xmas variety clips, scenes from “Jean Shepherd’s America”

170.) Brigitte Bardot music performances (publicity films and TV appearances)

171.) Oliver Stone’s “Seizure”

172.) “Deceased Artiste”: Jack Nance/Screwed review/David Friedman interview (second interview)

173.) “Deceased Artiste”: Catherine Scorsese, Jesse White, Sheldon Leonard/Lenny Bruce clips (including unseen clips from Canadian interview, presented in edited form, in Lenny Bruce Without Tears)

174.) Sammy Petrillo interview (with film clips and audio from Petrillo’s “My Son the Phone Caller”)

175.) David Lynch trib (in conjunction with AMMI tribute; including scenes from documentary “Don’t Look at Me”)/Fassbinder tribute (in conjunction with MOMA tribute; including film clips and scenes from MOMA’s Fassbinder gala (Hanna Schygulla, Barbara Sukowa performances))

176.) Goodbye Uncle-Tom (from the makers of Mondo Cane-exploitative and insane Italian study of American slavery)

177.) Juliane Lorenz interview (editor of Fassbinder’s films from ’76-’82; personal companion for his final years)

178.) (rerun) Wong Kar-Wai interview

179.) Joe Sarno interview (with clips from his Swedish and American exploitation films)

180.) Marcello Mastroianni (with clips from a variety of films, including everything from his heights (8 1/2) to his risk-tasking curiosities (Diary of Forbidden Dreams, Bye-Bye Monkey, Miss Arizona-in blackface!)

181.) Dynamite Chicken (time-capsule late ’60s documentary about American trends with comedy bits as punctuation: early Pryor, Michael O’Donoghue, Marshall Efron, Tuli Kupferberg)

182.) (rerun) Tsui Hark tribute (Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind)

183.) (rerun) Ray Dennis Steckler, part 3

184.) Easter episode-blasphemous fun with Christian toys, comics, and clips from “The Donut Hole” and “Hallelujah Hop” (young kids sing classic ’50s/’60s pop tunes with an Xtian slant) 185.) (rerun) Bertrand Blier tribute

186.) “Deceased Artiste”: Allen Ginsberg/Laura Nyro/video reviews (what other show would review both Melville’s Silence of the Sea and Troma’s pickup Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy?), Lumiere & Co.

187.) cartoonist Bob Fingerman co-hosts: salute to four movies that desperately need cults: Lady Streetfighter, Runaway Nightmare, Tough Guys Don’t Dance, The Mad Foxes: Stingray 2

188.) Michelle Yeoh press conference/interview with French filmmaker Olivier Assayas on the occasion of the opening of “Irma Vep” (part 1)

189.) Olivier Assayas interview, Part 2 (with clips from films not officially released in the U.S.)

190.) “Deceased Ariste” extravaganza: Pat Paulsen, “Green Acres” star Alvy Moore, Bunuel cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa, director Marco Ferreri (with clips from his Western satire “Don’t Touch the White Woman”)

191.) Episode-length “State of the Show” report, in reference to technical screwups on the part of the organization that airs show

192.) More “State of the Show”; specialty videos-“Video Nag” (exactly what it sounds like, and is she ever shrill) and “Girls and Guns” (merely one example of the burgeoning topless-babes-with-automatic-weapons home-video craze…but we emphasize the wondrous acting)

193.) Interview with Floyd Vivino and the cast (circa 1997) of cult-fave TV series “The Uncle Floyd Show” backstage at the Bottom Line, NYC

194.) Tribute to the Marx Bros. with scenes from three of their Paramount classics, and Groucho’s unaired pilot “What Do You Want?” Also: “Deceased Artiste” for George Fenneman

195.) Home-video review roundup. Clips from and reviews of four recent home-video releases: “Striporama” (Bettie Page speaks! albeit briefly and in a cheesy long-shot); “Primitive Love” (Italian Jayne Mansfield vehicle with dull “Mondo”-type footage; we only show Jayne); “The Dragon and the Cobra” (Bruce Lee tribute film, featuring footage of a real martial-arts tournament, awfully dubbed scenes from a ’60s melodrama starring a young Bruce, pointlessly included ’70s chopsocky swordplay scenes, and-best yet-“interviews” with footage of the deceased action hero!); and “Raquel!” (1970 network television special with guests John Wayne and Bob Hope, and some suitably cheesy psychedelia)

196.) More cult favorites (we wish): “Night Train to Terror,” “Private Obsession,” and the amazing “Babe” with a young Yasmine Bleeth and a seedy Buddy Hackett as a young showbiz wannabe and her broken-down drunken vaudevillian mentor (see Buddy in a bathtub saying “Do my back” to his pre-pubescent protege!)

197.) Deceased Artiste: Robert Mitchum. Also: another cult fave, “Penitentiary 3” with Leon Isaac Kennedy from the warped mind of the great Jamaa Fanaka (“the Midnight Thud’s gonna have his ass tonight”)

198.) Zoe Tamerlis (aka Zoe Lund) interview. Also, deceased artistes tributes to Brian Keith and James Stewart.

199.) Michelle Bauer interview. Also: Thalia, Mexican telenovela star/pop goddess; Vampirella trailer

200) Fave access shows: stocking-fetish, film-recitations, and much more

201) “From the Journals of Jean Seberg” video review, with clips from “The Corruption of Chris Miller”; variety show clips (VIEW Home video) from Fifth Dimension, Lou Rawls, Bobby Darin, and Sonny and Cher shows. Guests include Carpenters, Merle Haggard, Dionne Warwicke, Duke Ellington, Poppy Family, Linda Ronstadt, George Burns. Watch Cher shake her moneymaker in a weird interpretive dance number.

202) Russ Meyer interview

203.) Mike Leigh tribute with clips from his British telefilms, plus review of “Career Girls.” Also: review of Bertrand Blier’s “Mon Homme”

204.)”Sensacionalisimo” special: the Venezuelan combo of Ed Sullivan and a circus, this show featured unique talents (children who perform death-defying stunts, female oil wrestling, the grotesquely proportioned Pandora Peaks), a bad hypnotist (watch bikinied girls come out of their trances as snakes are dropped on their heads; see an entire subway-carload of people dance to “Ghostbusters” while in a trance), great Mexican pop stars (Alejandra Guzman and Thalia), and the beloved “hombre mas pequeno del mundo,” the intimitable Nelson de la Rosa.

205.) 4th Annual Jerry Lewis tribute show, with co-host Stephen Kroninger. We discuss where and how Jerry’s career went wrong (no jokes, please) with appropriately deranged footage. Also: more Lewis collectibles and the truth about his insanely overpriced “Museum and Store” on the Web

206.) (rerun) Buster Keaton/Jackie Chan

207.) Deceased Artistes: Burgess Meredith/William S. Burroughs. Also, Trash-TV par excellence, from Richard Bey to the nightmarish “laurenhuttonand…” and the intentionally goofy Mexican show “El Calabozo.” Including my all-time fave blooper (it involves a gent dressed as Christ in a passion play)

208.) Candy Clark interview. Also: review of Mike Leigh’s “Abigail’s Party.”