Fifth Year

209.) (rerun) 3rd Anniversary show

210.) Errol Morris interview

211.) Fourth anniversary show-best of foreign, clips, rarities, interviews

212.) Kim Novak tribute. Scenes from her movies, commentary, and a rare clip of an appearance on “The Steve Allen Show” in 1956.

213.) Halloween special: Alice Cooper on the “Snoop Sisters,” “Dead People” (another one that deserves a cult; creepy grindhouse bleeding-eye zombie flick from Willard/Gloria Huyck); “Spider Baby”

214.) Deceased Artiste: Shirley Clarke. “The Connection” is shown at length

215.) Video review round-up: Ida Lupino “Queen of the Bs,” Mike Leigh’s “Meantime,” and “The Best of the Uncle Floyd Show”

216.) “The Falls,” Peter Greenaway’s epic-length mock-documentary 217.) “A Night to Dismember,” Doris Wishman’s most amazing accomplishment (revisited)

218.) Clips from an amusing, gimmicky British game show, “In the Dark with Julian Clary” (contestants make fools of themselves in the dark while a foppish British standup star mocks them to their face); Johnny Lydon’s appearance on the “Judge Judy” show; review of the indie feature “Bang.”

219.) Clips from and discussion of the British fantasy miniseries “Neverwhere,” scripted by comics scribe Neil Gaiman (“The Sandman”). Also: discussion of comics, specifically Gaiman and Alan Moore’s work

220.) Alan Rudolph interview (what a nice, soft-spoken guy!)

221.) (rerun) Xmas episode: variety shows, “Dufo,” and Jean Shepherd

222.) New Years rant. Deceased Artistes: Kathy Acker, Sally Maar, Stubby Kaye.

223.) “Gershwin,” a French TV documentary directed by Alain Resnais

224.) Hugo Haas, part 3. Scenes from “Hold Back Tomorrow” and the very noir “The Other Woman.”

225.) Deceased Artistes: cinematographer Stanley Cortez, Toshiro Mifune, Sonny Bono (not a reverent treatment of the latter)

226.) Godard: “Tout Va Bien,” “Every Man for Himself” and a fave scene from “Pierrot Le Fou”

227.) Dino Risi’s “Il Sorpasso” (the Easy Life) 1962 Italian film about a swinging middle-aged bachelor (Vittorio Gassman) who gives life lessons to a wimpy law student (Jean-Louis Trintignant)-both liberating and corrupting him. Great bouncy twist-music score.

228.) Radley Metzger tribute. Reviews of and scenes from video rereleases of “Dark Odyssey,” “The Alley Cats,” “Therese and Isabelle,” and “Score.”

229.) Fred Blassie interview, with clips from the WWF, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and the always inspiring “My Breakfast with Blassie.”

230.) “On the Death of Federico Fellini.” Italian TV documentary covering the funeral of Il Maestro, with film clips. 231.) John Sayles interview (in conjunction with opening of “Men with Guns”); review of “East Side Story,” documentary about Soviet musicals

232.) German theme episode: reviews of home-video releases of work by Margarethe Von Trotta and Wim Wenders, plus “Nico Icon” and a “Deceased Artiste” tribute to Falco

233.) “Hellzapoppin”-scenes from this rarely-screened classic comedy, plus commentary

234.) “Beat” Takeshi tribute-scenes from four Takeshi Kitano films (plus reviews and biographical commentary): “Violent Cop,” “Boiling Point,” “Sonatine,” and “Fireworks”

235.) (rerun) Rudy Ray Moore interview

236.) Stella Stevens interview, part 1

237.) Fourth Easter show. Collection of wonderful Christian toys and more videos: “Sing and Play Jamboree,” “The Donut Hole,” and the absolutely amazing Carman, Christian singer (country, gospel, metal, rap-he does ’em all and at the same white-bread, kick-ass, Christ-lovin’ level!)

238.) Stella Stevens interview part 2, introductory promo for NY Women’s Film Festival

239.) “fear of Mickey Rooney”-scenes from “Skidoo,” “Revenge of the Red Baron,” and a discussion of the nightmare that is “The Manipulator” (aka “B.J. Lang Presents”)

240.) tribute to Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismaki, with clips

241.) Sam Fuller “Deceased Artiste” tribute, part 1–spotlighting Fuller’s early works as a director

242.) More Marco Ferreri-in this case, his odd allegories about the battle of the sexes, “I Love You” and “La Carne (the Flesh)”

243.) Sam Fuller tribute episode, part 2-spotlighting Fuller’s work as an actor and his influence on later generations of cinephiles and directors

244.) Video Roundup: reviews of the rerelease of “Emmanuelle,” Radley Metzger’s “Lickerish Quartet” and “Little Mother,” and “Irma Vep”

245.) “The Legendary Joe Meek” U.S. premiere of “Arena” documentary on the life of ’60s British pop producer Joe Meek (with clips of his proteges The Tornadoes, Screamin’ Lord Sutch, and the Honeycombs)

246.) interviews with French actress Vahina Giocante (“Marie Baie Des Anges”) and filmmaker Hal Hartley; review of Hartley’s “Henry Fool”

247.) Father’s Day theme show-“W.C. Fields: Great American Dad,” hosted by Ed and his own pater

248.) Video roundup: review of Kino’s impressive “Slapstick Encyclopedia” (vols. 1-4) with emphasis on Fatty, Mabel and Keystone

249.) (rerun) “Night Train to Terror”

250.) “Deceased Artistes”-director Harrison Marks, distributor Henry G. Sapirstein, director Gene Fowler Jr., producer Anatole Dauman, John Derek, Maureen O’Sullivan, Lloyd Bridges (focus on “Home of the Brave” and the wildly underrated noir “Try and Get Me”)

251.) Interview with filmmaker Mark Rappaport (“The Silver Screen/Color Me Lavender”)

252.) “Deceased Artistes”-Linda McCartney, Tammy Wynette, Alice Faye, and Wendy O. Williams

253.) even more “Deceased Artistes”-Mae Questel, Bella Abzug, Maidie Norman, Phil Hartman, Jack Lord; also: WWII propaganda short, “Shickelgruber does the Lambeth Walk” and scenes from “For Your Height Only” (Filippinio James Bond parody starring a midget)

254.) (rerun) “The Executioner”

255.) (rerun) interview with Marco Ferreri

256.) Video roundup: reviews of Godard’s “Detective,” “First Name: Carmen,” and “Passion,” and Wong Kar-Wai’s “Happy Together” and “Fallen Angels”; also: review of the theatrical rerelease of “The Young Girls of Rochefort”

257.) “editorial” segment; mini-trib. to comedian/director Eddie Buzzell with clips from amazing 1930 short “The Devil’s Cabaret” (which includes musical numbers set in hell) and his work with the Marx Bros.

258.) Fifth annual Jerry Lewis tribute. Inspirational readings from Jerry’s autobio; even more Jerry collectibles; clips from TV appearances (including a mid-’70s appearance on “The Stanley Siegel Show”)

259.) Fred Olen Ray interview, part 1

260.) Ed’s appearance on PBS show “Freedom Speaks”; appearance of “Media Funhouse” Wong Kar-Wai interview footage on Sundance Channel documentary on Asian directors