Sixth Year

261.) (rerun) Fourth Anniverary Show

262.) Frank Sinatra “Deceased Artiste” footage, part 1

263.) Fred Olen Ray interview, part 2

264.) Batman theme show-scenes from ABC rarites (Batgirl promo film and Fall 1966 special starring West and Ward as Batman and Robin) and a Phillippine comedy (with musical numbers!) called “Allys Batman en Robin”

265.) Halloween show. Alice Cooper at his most sickly looking-the punk-drunk phase of 1981 (rare French television special). Mexican television adaptation of “Rocky Horror” (includes Spanish-language versions of “Over at the Frankenstein Place” and “Hot Patootie” and makeup, masks, and costumes that make Ben Cooper look sophisticated)

266.) (rerun) Leos Carax tribute

267.) Jean Seberg tribute. On the occasion of what would have been her 60th birthday, scenes from rare European co-productions she starred in-including the nightmarishly over-the-top “Kill”directed by her husband, novelist Romain Gary. Bad psychedelia, would-be New Wave editing, and godawful scripting (plus idiotic gunplay) make this one of poor Jean’s worst, but well worth watching (in an abbreviated form).

268.) (rerun of Seberg show-access folks screwed up)

269.) Thanksgiving show, with seasonal clips (Burroughs “Thanksgiving Prayer,” Vaughn at parade clip, turkey-shoot instructional) and review of video review of the silent cliffhanger “Les Vampires”

270.) Video Round-Up. Kino’s “Silent Scream” series-horror features (“The Penalty,” “The Bells,” “Kingdom of Shadows”) and “Studio Snapshots”

271.) Video Round-Up. Kino’s “Slapstick Encyclopedia, Volume 2” Review of second four-volume set containing silent comedy classics; also “Comedy Cavalcade” (Paramount talkie shorts)

272.) (rerun) Cassavetes theme. Gena Rowlands/Seymour Cassel interview.

273.) Christmas show. Seasonal clips-“Donut Hole,” Dean Martin/”Christmas Blues,” and abridgement of “Elves.” The latter is a straight-to-video seasonal horror film about a dept. store Santa (Dan Haggerty) who stumbles upon a Neo-Nazi mad scientist who using his daughter in an intended experiment to mate a virgin with an elf (on the stroke of midnight, Christmas Eve) in order to produce a super-race of killer elves (that’s the plot, honest).

274.) “Women of the World”-show with musical numbers featuring female performers from different countries. Sally Yeh (in concert, Hong Kong), Brigitte Bardot (’60s publicity film), Isabelle Adjani (’80s TV special), Thalia (Mexican pop star, music video), Helen (Indian movie star, dance numbers from various movies-including one in which her dance awakens a macho statue), and Mitsou (French-Canadian, music video)

275.) (rerun) “The Sound is Now” with Sonny Bono and Phil Ochs debating “conservatives”

276.) Alice Cooper group (Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway) interview, Part 1

277.) Hong Kong theme. Video Round-Up concerning new company (Crash Cinema) reissuing ’70s/’80s chopsocky classics, plus behind-the-scenes footage (exclusive to the “Funhouse”) of the making of “Once Upon a Time in China and America”

278.) Robert Bresson tribute (clips and commentary, in conjunction with MOMA retrospective)

279.) “The Last Goon Show of All” Final gathering of all three Goons (Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe) in a BBC TV taping of their radio reunion show in 1972.

280.) (rerun) “The Dean Martin Show”/Jackie Chan’s “Thunderbolt”

281.) Beatles rarities: concert, TV appearances, behind-the-scenes “Yellow Submarine” making-of, and the lost scene from “Yellow Submarine”

282.) tribute to the filmic flops of Ringo Starr: scenes from “Blindman,” “Son of Dracula,” and spotlight on “Candy” 283) Round-Up: AMMI tribute to Richard Lester; MOMA tribute to Edward G. Robinson; 3 Radley Metzger titles released on home video

284.) (rerun) Roger Corman interview

285.) obscurities from the Age of Aquarius: “B.S. I Love You” and “Can Heironymous Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find Happiness?,” Anthony Newley’s stunningly awful musical ripoff/homage to Fellini’s “8 1/2” with Joan Collins as Polyester Poontang, Milton Berle as the Devil (“Good Time Eddie Filth”), and Georgie Jessel as Death!

286.) Video Round-Up: overview of Shocking Video product-“extreme” Japanese wrestling (male and female); Georges Franju’s “Judex; compilation “Mondo Jerry”; copyright-violation madness in Turkey-Turkish “Superman” remake (with Ed Wood-like budget and resourcefulness) and “3 Dev Adam”-the unholy union of Captain America and Santo to fight a green Spiderman

287.) Easter blasphemy again-French mag.with naked waif-chick as Christ; Xtian toys; Carman vids.

288.) Easter blasphemy continues with more twisted Xtian kiddie-vids.: “The Good Book” (featuring Robert Morse–in a very low moment–and Marcia Lewis) and even more “Donut Repair Club” highlights. Also: even more Carman (in a music vid featuring special guest-star Tony Orlando!)

289.)(rerun) Jack Hill interview

290.)(rerun) Ted V. Mikels interview, Part 1

291.) Alice Cooper group (Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway) interview, Part 2–hear about how “Alice Cooper” interacted with Jan Murray and Mickey Spillane’s daughter, plus the time that Alice’s snake surfaced in Charlie Pride’s toilet (ah, the salad days of shock rock).

292.) Alice Cooper group interview, Part 3

293.) “Deceased Artiste” tribute to Stanley Kubrick. Scenes from his first films, the short documentaries “The Day of the Fight” and “The Flying Padre.” Also: footage of Kubrick directing from his daughter’s authorized docu. “Making ‘The Shining.'”

294.) (rerun)”Derek and Clive Get the Horn”

295.) (rerun)”Goodbye, Uncle Tom”

296.) In answer to “The Phantom Menace,” the Media Funhouse presents scenes from the film dubbed “The Turkish ‘Star Wars,'” a no-budget concoction that makes Ed Wood’s oeuvre resemble that of James Cameron. The filmmakers decided that, lacking the funds to recreate Industrial Light and Magic’s computer wizardry, they would simply have their actors *stand in front* of a screen showing scenes from Lucas’s initial film! The rest is a mishmash of bad kung-fu fight scenes, folks dressed in strange anthropomorphic garb, and odd robot characters intended to ape R2D2 and C3PO. Unforgettable stuff–and if that ain’t enough, there’s another scene from the Turkish opus that features Capt. America and Santo fighting a green-costumed Spiderman.

297.) Deceased Artistes. Roddy MacDowall (represented by footage of the beloved cult pic “Lord Love a Duck” and his own “Tam Lin (The Devil’s Widow),” Huntz Hall, etc.

298.) Featured film: Bob Rafelson’s “King of Marvin Gardens.”

299.) Show re-aired (break in numbering, due to technical screw-up.

300.) Deceased Artiste. Shel Silverstein (represented by readings by your humble narrator–of “Uncle Shelby’s ABZ Book” and Silverstein’s demented epic poem “The Devil and Billy Markham,” and scenes of Shel on “The Johnny Cash Show” and in the film “Who is Harry Kellerman…?”).

301.) Consumer Guide: Max Ophuls fest in NYC, “Love and Anger” (Euro co-production anthology featuring minimalist Marxist shorts by Bertolucci and Godard amongst others).

302.) Consumer Guide: John Ford fest (clips). Deceased Artiste: Akira Kurosawa.

303.) (rerun) Brigitte Bardot.

304.) Consumer Guide: review of “The Acid House”; Asian-American Film Festival (scenes from several films, focus on Japanese crime thriller “Nobody”); mail-order video release of Serge Gainsbourg’s film “Je T’Aime, Moi Non Plus” (plus Gainsbourg musical clips).

305.) Deceased Artistes. 3 kiddie show hosts (Buffalo Bob Smith, Shari Lewis, Bob McAllister), more Silverstein (“The Ballad of Lucy Jordan”), and Cocteau cohort, actor Jean Marais.

306.) Tribute to photographer William Klein, with scenes from his “Who are you, Polly Maggoo?” (1966 mock-verite fictional study of a supermodel) and “Mister Freedom” (1969 political satire about an American superhero on the loose in France). Also: scenes from the oddball Indian remake of the American sleeper “Fright Night.”

307.) Tribute to Clara Bow/consumer guide review of Bow films on home video. Included: scenes from rarely scene Bow features and the restored Kino releases.

308.) Interview with Sir Peter Ustinov, on the occasion of the opening of the British comedy “Stiff Upper Lips.” Part One.

309.) Interview with Sir Peter Ustinov, Part Two. Included: Ustinov’s experiences working with filmmakers Max Ophuls and Stanley Kubrick.

310.) 6th Annual Jerry Lewis Labor Day tribute show. Cohost Stephen Kroninger and I explore Lewis collectibles, read from the inspirational Jer tome “How to Be a Person,” and show scenes from his late ’50s TV adaptation of “The Jazz Singer.”

311.)(rerun)Errol Morris interview

312.)Ed’s tour of the Internet using a handy (but otherwise worthless) WebTV, we journey through some of your humble host’s fave media-related websites, and some of the weirder ones: the enclaves of the “furries” (folks who dress up in animal costumes for friendly weekend fun); the slapstick freaks (those who get off on pie fights and other Stooge-like activities); and the “plushies” (those who have close, intimate relationships with their cuddly dolls). Quite unusual stuff, even for this show (hey, folks, I don’t advocate it, I only show it….)