Seventh Year

313.) (rerun) Julianne Lorenz interview

314.) (rerun) Joe Sarno interview

315.) interview with character actor Brion James (best known for featured roles in Blade Runner and The Player). Candid, honest, wacky man who unfortunately passed away shortly after I conducted the interview.

316.) Brion James interview, part 2

317.) Discussion of the U.S. release of the trendsetting anime feature Princess Mononoke, including clips, interview with the voice talent director and comic book writer and cult icon Neil Gaiman (who worked on the English-language script).

318.) Neil Gaiman interview, part 2–Gaiman talks about his work in comics, his possible film projects, coming up with humorous scenes, and his own favorite films and filmmaker.

319.) Consumer round-up: the early ’30 version of Fantomas; obscure, entertainingly blasphemous film scripted by Luis Bunuel The Monk; and Ted V. Mikels’ astounding shot on video feature Apartheid Slave Women’s Justice.

320.) (rerun) Alan Rudolph interview

321.) Yet another salute to the work of filmmaker Marco Ferreri—this time with clips from four other bizarre Ferreri works: The Ape Woman, Dillinger is Dead, L’Udienza, and Harem.

322.)Consumer Guide: Franju’s Judex, Serge Gainsbourg publicity films; the outlandish early ’70s sex comedy The Telephone Book featuring New York City locations, young nymphettes, Warhol superstars, and middle-aged actors (Roger C. Carmel,Barry Morse, William Hickey) acting out a bizarre scenario about an obscene phone caller

323.)(rerun)Doing Rude Things, part 1

324.) Liz Renay interview

325.) Xmas special–tribute to Jean Shepherd; scene from “Scrooge’s Rock’n’Roll Xmas” with Jack Elam as Scrooge!

326.) Film noir–a chronological, detailed, and highly subjective survey of the noir cycle, part 1 (1943-1947)

327.) Film noir, part 2 (1948-1954)

328.) Film noir, part 3 (1950-1958)

329.) (rerun) Sammy Petrillo interview

330.) “Deceased Artistes”–tributes to Shirley Stoler, Dirk Bogarde, Abraham Polonsky

331.) Potpourri–Nightmare Alley (playing locally in repertory); scenes from the truly horrifying ’70s kiddie comedy show “The Hilarious House of Frightenstein,” a low-budget effort which featured comic Billy Van (“The Sonny and Cher Show”) in a variety of roles (including a “wolfman” deejay who danced to a variety of psychedelic hits)–and “narrated” by Vincent Price!; also, scenes from “The Woody Allen Special,” including Woody’s interview with evangelist Billy Graham!

332.) Potpourri/consumer guide: review of Sex–The Annabel Chong Story; scenes from Rocket Boy, the wholesome ’50s film co-scripted by Lenny Bruce; review of Splendor, a delightful tribute to movie-loving (unreleased in this country), starring Marcello Mastroianni, Marina Vlady, and Massmio Troisi; and scenes from the home-video “Mondo Psychotronic,” compiled by the folks from “Psychotronic Video” magazine

333.) “Beat” Takeshi, part 2–featuring the films that have gone unreleased in this country, A Scene from the Sea, Getting Any? and Kids Return

334.) Jean-Luc Godard tribute: scenes from Made in USA and Godard’s entry to the BFI-financed “Century of Cinema” series 2 x 50 years of French Cinema; also: scenes from another “Century of Cinema” entry, “I Am Curious, Film” (a history of the Scandinavian film)

335.) Consumer guide: “The New York Underground Film Festival” Featured: scenes from Book Wars (documentary about New York sidewalk book deals); Eyes from Heaven (low-budget horror); and Shadow Boxers (documentary about women boxers). Also: scenes from “Century of Cinema” entry I am Curious, Film

336.) consumer guide: review of Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog; the overseas video release of Lars Von Trier’s The Idiots; and more scenes from the “Century of Cinema” series (the German entry)

337.) consumer guide: review of theatrical feature Beyond the Mat (documentary about professional wrestling); Soft Fruit (theatrical release of Australian feature); and the astounding Turkish version of The Wizard of Oz!

338.) (rerun) “The Last Goon Show of All”

339.) (rerun) “Calling all Girls”

340.) (rerun) Can Heironymous Merkin Ever Forget…?”

341.) Director’s cut of the Hong Kong cult action film The Naked Killer, the ultimate lesbian hitwoman opus.

342.) Our seventh annual Easter special, featuring clips from Carman (live performance), the “Veggie Tales” computer-animated series, and “The Knock-Knock Show” (the daily TV series that featured “Donut Man” Rob Evans). Also: discussion of a particularly bizarre website obsessed with crucifixion–and picturesque international locales!. Part 1

343.) Easter, part 2. Scenes from the children’s straight-to-video production, “Bibleman” with sitcom star Willie Ames as a Batman-like, bible-toting superhero; also, scenes from the straight-to-video feature R.I.O.T. starring Carman as a hard-bitten Chicago cop who encounters gang-bangers in laid-back Oklahoma. Also: Carman music videos

344.) Scenes from the astounding Deafula, the immaculately awful feature-film, made entirely in sign language (with an Ed Wood-like voice track for those hearing viewers). See it–you won’t believe it

345.) Guest cohost Michael Weldon, editor of “Psychotronic Video” magazine, helps us pay tribute to “Ghoulardi,” the Cleveland horror host who helped spark Weldon’s interest in genre films. “Ghoulardi” was in fact announcer Ernie Anderson, better known to TV viewers of the ’70s and ’80s as the “voice of ABC” (“the Luh-uh-uve Boat…”). Featuring rare clips from ’60s Cleveland TV

346.) consumer guide: review of Alan Rudolph retrospective; the home video release of Coming Apart; and scenes from the astounding Japanese Female Prisoner Scorpion film series

347.) “Ghoulardi,” part 2

348.) “Deceased Artistes”–tributes to Charles Schulz, Jim Varney, “Screamin'” Jay Hawkins, and Oliver Reed (including scenes from the director’s cut of Ken Russell’s amazing The Devils, unreleased in this country)

349.) consumer guide: mail-order video items, including Shirley Clarke’s The Cool World, a vintage “underground film featuring wonderful footage of early 1960s Harlem; Brillantina Rock, an Italian film that’s a mishmash of Saturday Night Fever and Grease (with plenty of bad Euro-disco); the Turkish remake of The Exorcist (made on a low, low budget); and a wonderful Brazilian straight-to-video feature film starring children’s star Xuxa on an odd, fantasmagorical quest to find her missing dog (with senseless, spontaneous musical numbers)

350.)(rerun)Uncle Floyd interview

351.)Consumer Guide: reviews of video release of silent Indian Tomb and theatrical release The Woman Chaser. Interview with Woman Chaser director Rob Devore.

352.)review of Forty Deuce(mail order consumer guide); footage from symposium given by Alan Rudolph and Emily Watson (on the occasion of the opening of Trixie).

353.)tribute to Tuesday Weld, featuring footage from TV appearances (“Dobie Gillis”), movies (Lord Love a Duck, Pretty Poison), plus rare items: the movie Play It As It Lays and the episode of “Naked City” based on the Charles Starweather/Caril Fugate crime spree starring Weld and Rip Torn.

354.)Fassbinder tribute show–from “high” to “low.” Review of theatrical release Water Drops on Burning Rocks,(based on an early play by Fassbinder), Whity(early Fassbinder film), and mail-order video releases of Shame(German ’60s exploitation starring Fassbinder friend Udo Kier), and (women’s prison camp film directed by Fassbinder collaborator Kurt Raab and starring Raab, Kier, and Barbara Valentin).

355.)Deceased Artistes–Frank DeVol, Sylvia Sydney, Dana Plato, Zoe Tamerlis.

356.)On the occasion of the show being reviewed in Timemagazine, a tribute to “little people.” Included: William Castle’s midget noir It’s a Small World, the little-guy-spy parodies For Y’r Height Only and Nothing is Impossible, and our favorite: “el hombre mas pequeno del mundo,” Nelson De La Rosa.

357.)(rerun)Russ Meyer interview.

358.)Sammy Davis tribute, part one. Covering Sammy’s early life, with clips from the short film “Rufus Jones for President” (1933), the TV show “Hollywood Hotel” (approx 1951), and the now-lost Porgy and Bess.

359.)Sammy Davis tribute, part two. “Sammy and the ’60s.” Footage from “Hullaballoo,” the “Dismas House special,” the Rat Pack at the Sands, the crime movie Johnny Cool, “The Mod Squad,” “Laugh-In,” and an eye-opening interview Samy did with Gil Noble on “Like It Is” in 1969.

360.)Tribute to underground filmmakers Kenneth Anger and George Kuchar. Including clips from Anger’s now-unavailable “Scorpio Rising.”

361.)Jerry Lewis, year 7. A “State of the Jer” report, another Tashlin collectible, and scenes from “Martin and Lewis at the Copa” and “The Jazz Singer.”

362.)Leos Carax and Guillaume Depardieu interviews (on the occasion of U.S. release of Pola X).

363.)Leos Carax interview, part 2.

364.)(rerun)Stella Stevens interview, part one