Ninth Year

417.) (rerun) Liz Renay interview

418.) Consumer Guide–Bunuel book, Ferreri’s The Last Woman, and the Eastern European summer musical Hot Summer.

419.) “Deceased Artiste” tribute to Brother Theodore, cohosted by comedy expert Ron Smith.

420.) Halloween show, featuring the “vampire lesbian cycle” in Euro cinema, circa the early 1970s.

421.) (rerun) Neil Gaiman interview.

422.) D.A. Pennebaker/Chris Hegedus interview, part 1. We talk about the documentary Town Bloody Hall, a chronicle of the night in the early 1970s when “Norman Mailer met the feminists” (for a debate at NYC’s Town Hall). Also: a review of the French feature The Town is Quiet.

423.) D.A. Pennebaker/Chris Hegedus interview, part 2. Discussed are Norman Mailer’s features (no clips, sorry); Dylan’s Eat the Document; P&H’s The War Room and; and Pennebaker’s first film, the short Daybreak Express (1958).

424.) Thanksgiving tribute to ’60s actors on “lean times.” Featured is Hell Riders, a biker movie directed by our fave auteur, Renee Harmon, and starring Adam West and Tina Louise (!).

425.) (rerun) Leos Carax, part 2.

426.) D.A. Pennebaker/Chris Hegedus interview, part 3. Included in this segment are discussions of Pennebaker’s work with Drew Associates (Primary, Crisis); his filming of the Monterey Pop Festival; his work with Ms. Hegedus on filming a Samuel Beckett original production (Rockabye); their documenting an Alvin Ailey dance number (Dance Black America); and Pennebaker’s Original Cast Album: Company.

427.) “Deceased Artiste” tribute to George Harrison. Includes rare footage of Harrison in and out of the Beatles, and a “higher-tech” look for the Funhouse.

428.) “Deceased Artistes 2001” Numerous performers and creators are featured from Lorenzo Music to Jack Lemmon.

429.) (rerun of previous episode–to allow the Forces That Be to air it right this time!)

430.) Consumer guide: W.C. Fields festival at AMMI. “Deceased Artiste” tributes to Jason Miller, Ken Kesey, and Imogene Coca.

431.) Interview with Kathryn Leigh Scott, “Dark Shadows” star turned independent publisher.

432.) (repeat) Noir night, Part 1

433.) Sammy Davis, Part 3 (part four if you count the “Joey Bishop Show”). Featuring clips from Sammy’s 1969 appearance on the Mod Squad and a simultaneous hosting gig on The Hollywood Palace, with guest stars Nipsey Russell, Peggy Lipton (singing a duet with Sam), Dave Madden…and the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, in perfect form (cape and all).

434.) Serge Gainsbourg, part 1. Musical clips from the singer/songwriter’s TV appearances, 1958-1967.

435.) The British 1976-77 miniseries Rock Follies is featured. Musical clips and scenes featuring guest stars Tim Curry, Little Nell, and Bob Hoskins. Remember–this is the series that featured catchy pop tunes from Roxy Music’s Andy Mackay, and…Rula Lenska!

436.) Brigitte Bardot, in clips from Godard’s masterwork Contempt and her 1967 Xmas special, with songs written by (and co-performed by, in some cases), good old Serge Gainsbourg, Special Bardot (aka Le Bardot Show).

437.) (rerun) Noir, part 2

438.) Consumer Guide: “Rendezvous with French Cinema”: reviews of Cet Amour-La, Tanguy, Betty Fisher, God is Great, I’m Not, and The Pornographer.

439.) Deceased Artistes: Lawrence Tierney, tough guy extraordinaire, and Chuck Jones, Looney Tunes animator.

440.) (rerun) Noir, part 3

441.) Aki Kaurismaki tribute. Scenes from films unreleased in the U.S.: Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana, Drifting Clouds, and I Hired a Contract Killer.

442.) (rerun) Carroll Baker interview

443.) Consumer Guide: Olivier Assayas’ Les Destiness, AMMI festival “Hardboiled Hollywood,” and Godard’s Keep Your Right Up!.

444.) D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus interview, part 4. Discussed are Depeche Mode 101; Sweet Toronto(aka Keep on Rockin’); and the unfinished Leacock-Pennebaker collaboration with Jean-Luc Godard, One P.M.

445.) Consumer Guide time once more: Chris Marker’s remarkable documentary about the rise (and fall) of the Left in world politics Grin Without a Cat; the Aki Kaurismaki oddball “hick comedy” Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses; and the East German 1973 drama (with cool period rock music) The Legend of Paul and Paula.

446.) (rerun) Our salute to “little people.”

447.) “Deceased Artiste” tributes to Dudley Moore (incl. his brilliant work with P. Cook as “Pete and Dud” and “Derek and Clive”) and Milton Berle.

448.) Consumer Guide: praise for CUNY-TV’s French film festival (footage of the 1964 Fantomas, the Danish documentary The Humiliated (about the making of Von Trier’s The Idiots), and Seijun Suzuki’s Branded to Kill.

449.) Scenes from Serge Gainsbourg’s only musical, the TV-film Anna starring Anna Karina and Jean-Claude Brialy. Echoes of Fellini, William Klein’s Mr. Freedom, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, and A Man and a Woman in this downbeat tale of romantic longing, punctuated by some very catchy tunes by the inimitable Gainsbarre. Anna’s joyous “Roller Girl” kills.

450.) Anna, part 2. Also: musical clips of Serge Gainsbourg.

451.) Ernie Kovacs tribute (clips from various shows).

452.) Tribute to George Sidney, part 1. Cohost Eric Monder introduces clips from the director’s career, ranging from MGM short subjects (and “Our Gang”) to vehicles for Kim Novak and Ann-Margret.

453.) George Sidney, part 2

454.) Soupy Sales interview, part 1

455.) Soupy Sales interview, part 2

456.) Korean music videos–see American trends, musical genres and visual tropes copied, and in many cases, improved upon, in a selection of “K-Pop” music videos.

457.) Evil Roy Slade. Clips from the 1970s cult TV-movie, plus a mini-tribute to star John Astin.

458.) Our second tribute to little people. Scenes from an informercial, a Mexican comedy, an incredible Mexican horror film (Al Filo de Terror, in which an angry ventriloquist punishes his dummies, gets his daughter to replace one in performance, and finally receives his comeuppance…), and an update on the life of “el hombre mas pequeno del mundo,” Nelson de la Rosa.

459.) (rerun) Groucho Marx on TV

460.) (rerun) Karen Black interiew, part 1

461.) Our annual Jerry Lewis tribute focus on news updates in the life of “le Roi du Crazy,” as well as clips of Jer clowining around with his pal Sammy Davis Jr. in the movies, on TV, and (you guessed it) the MDA telethon.

462.) Consumer guide: reviews of video releases. Brigitte Bardot in Plucking the Daisy and Don Juan, or if Don Juan were a woman; also: The Confessions of Robert Crumb and Seijun Suzuki’s classic bit of technicolor, widescreen erotica Gate of Flesh.

463.) Interview with filmmaker Claude Miller, part 1

464.) Claude Miller, part 2

465.) Interview with Francois Ozon, plus career overview.

466.) “Media Funhouse West”–Ed visits the home of L.A. memorabilia collector Wally Wingert, and focuses on Wally’s stash of “Batman,” Andy Kaufman and Lon Chaney Sr. collectibles.

467.) (rerun) Kiyoshi Kurosawa interview, part 1

468.) Antonio Fargas interview, part one